About the Blog

The Conan Movie Blog is a place where motivated and active fans of the Conan license and REH write about any news they can find on the internet. We are quickly growing number of holiday-barbarians and will try to establish a steady and up-to-date flow of Conan news not only about the Conan movie, but also about other interesting things Conan.

After this short introduction we want to encourage you, the reader, to join our forces.

As we are still a very young project (started on 10. February 2009) we are very soft and ductile, so if you have great ideas, great connections or anything you might want to throw at us, please let us know!

To contact us, write an email to webmaster – at – conanmovieblog.com and we will make sure to contact you back as soon as possible.

Special Font

Since i personally dislike the hard lines of the Georgia font, i used a non-standard font called “Linux Libertine”, which is a wonderfull Open Source font with elegant shape and if you want to view the blog with that font, just follow this link and install the font on your PC. I can only say no matter if you care about this blog or not, but the font alone is worth a download 😉

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