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Recently, I made a post that included a number of pictures from the upcoming Conan film. However, due to circumstances of distribution and copyright, I have had to take down both the pictures and the source.  I’m going to respect the wishes of all involved, but at the same time, I feel the need to keep everyone informed about the upcoming film, especially considering there’s been a considerable dearth of news over the past few weeks.

Exactly what to do with this news I’m uncertain, but I’ll come to a conclusion fairly soon. I just ask that anyone who does have the links and pictures, please do not post them in the comments or elsewhere, until all this is figured out.

EDIT: It seems Bleeding Cool has some images which I shall neither confirm nor deny that are related to said disappeared images.  I don’t know exactly where Bleeding Cool got these images in their mysterious email, but I shall say it was not from any of the team at Conan Movie Blog.

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  • Antmanx

    Ok studio, what does it hurt to have some set pics floating around? C’mon, you’ve released 3 pictures on FACEBOOK. How about getting the word out about this movie? Thanks.

  • mario geraci

    they were very impressive even beautiful, I have to admit. ( of course I dont remember seeing them! 😉 ) But again if it convinces me of nothing else it is that nispel can make a visually stunning flick.All opinions and nitpicking aside ( for a moment anyway) if Mr. Nispel can finally make a name for himself after all of these shitty remakes of horror films and freakin pathfinder, I say best of luck .I am really impressed.

  • same o studio nonsense

    Most studios get these type of “get them hyped up!” pics pulled only because they like to delude themselves into thinking they still have control, when it’s obvious they don’t. as soon as an image hits the net, it’s been saved and downloaded to a thousand harddrives, and posted on a hundred sites. but still they try. it’s ridiculous and would be sad if it wasn’t so pathetic. the really SMART movie studios know they can’t buy this type of free fan enthusiasm. of course, most hollywood people are so egotistical, it’s no surprise they hate the very idea of not being in control of every little thing. anyways, saw the pics, and they were swell. stupid studio douche bags.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hordemetal Tim

    I was able to view the pictures on a foreign site (I’m from the USA) and also have to say they were visually stunning. Cool set designs. Great stage garb. This definitely raised my hopes…

  • singe

    Fake pictures! suck

  • singe

    Fuck, if this pics are real, the movie will be a big disappointment. How they have done a REBOOT of the Milius’s master piece movie? It must be producers really sucks!

  • finn-palm

    @singe Dude, you are aware that this is not a *remake* of Milius’ movie, right? That’s why they call it a *reboot*. It’s based, not on Milius’ movie, but on the original short stories written by Robert E Howard. Or at least that’s what they claim. It’s not supposed to relate to Milius’ movie in any way (although some similarities can be found).

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