Possible plot hints on Conan II?

Even though Conan is still in post-production, it seems that work on the sequel is also underway. A while back, it was confirmed that Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain were writing the sequel to the film. Blackman was kind enough to show a sort of “practice screenplay” on his blog, and discussed it on his blog. The response at the Robert E. Howard Forums was… lively.

However, regardless of the Forum’s criticisms of Blackman’s treatment, he and McCain have kept hard at work on the script. Moderator Crossplains Pilgrim has posted a tantalizing glimpse at the plot of the next film.

Click after the jump to find out!

Right, let’s have a look:

I had the opportunity to get a look at an early draft of a script for the sequel to the new Millenium Conan production. It’s penned by Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain. As they took a few hard shots here on the forum last time at bat, I want to assure them the individual who provided my access to the script thought very highly of it. So did I. I will cut the authors a break and not discuss the details of the script, but I can say if it is produced it will be the first Conan film based on a single Howard story.

Because it is based on a Howard tale the principle characters have the same names and retain the same personalities of Howard’s creations. There is a determined female monarch, but she is not a warrior swordswoman with a fifth degree black belt and behaves pretty much as in the original story. The story is, of course, fleshed out with some new scenes that my fellow forum members will almost certainly debate some day in our typically impassioned style. I can’t see how the authors could have gotten around the additions based on the brevity of the original story. The final scene plays out in almost the exact same way as in the original story. All’s well, that ends well.

Requirements for pleasing contemporary audiences being what they are, most of the additions are action set pieces (which in my opinion surpass those in the early version I read of the current film) that do not greatly alter the story arc of Howard’s original yarn. I know this is dangerous ground, but I honestly think that a couple of the new action sequences are terrific. I’m a film guy who also reveres REH, and I wouldn’t kid anyone on the forum. There are a couple of characters, including an important villain (who actually has very brief screen time), who were not in Howard’s original story. As I said before, I don’t see how a screenwriter with the task of shaping a full-length script for the contemporary market could avoid a few new elements. As a film guy, I did enjoy some of the subtle references to scenes from several famous action films. Blackman and McCain provided their Conan with some pretty cool quips that are much more Eastwood than Bond. I thought they enlivened the character without getting too contemporary. Reactions will vary. There are also several references to other Howard-penned Conan tales. Again, reactions will vary.

The best feature of the script for me was the characterization of Conan. However, I am not sure any interpretation of the big guy is going to please everyone around here. No writer has so far. As this is a sequel to the upcoming film, he is a young Conan. However, to my mind, there is no doubt this is Howard’s young Conan. Tough, smart, confident, unflappable and pragmatic, the script offers Conan a chance to evolve a good bit during the course of the film. His road to a throne is definitely intimated. Being Howard’s Conan, he is absolutely the wrong guy to cross, but Blackman and McCain avoid the sadistic overreach of the early draft of the current film. I should point out here that the current film has gone through so many revisions since that first draft, the writers may have considerably altered their Conan as well.

That’s about it. Bottom line is this is a smart, entertaining action flick that sticks pretty close to a single REH story, and, I think, shows a respect for the author and the character. I don’t think I revealed anything that the authors or producers would find detrimental to their development of the film. If Mr. Blackman or Mr. McCain care to comment on my remarks, they are, of course, welcome.

Most intriguing, I must say, and the confirmation from a trustworthy source such as Crossplains Pilgrim that this is in fact an honest-to-Mitra adaptation of a Howard story is a source of great relief to me. After eighty years, an actual Robert E. Howard story is finally coming to the big screen!

The question is, which Howard story could it be? The Forumers offer a few theories, and I think the mention of a “determined female monarch,” that “his road to a throne is definitely intimated,” and that this is still a younger Conan points to one of three stories: “Black Colossus,” “Queen of the Black Coast,” or “The People of the Black Circle.” There’s an outside chance for “A Witch Shall Be Born,” too. All in all, “Black Colossus” seems to be the strongest contender.

If this is going to be a big screen adaptation of “Black Colossus,” then I can see possibilities for expansion, as seen in Dark Horse’s “Black Colossus” arc. We could see Conan join Amalric’s Free Companions, where he quickly rises to captain of the spearmen, and exactly how he earns the name “Throat-Slitter.” There are mentions of Natohk’s war magic that would make thrilling set pieces. Perhaps even the adventures of Shevatas, as he procures the venom needed to slay the serpent guarding Natohk’s tomb. “Queen of the Black Coast” or “The People of the Black Circle” would be awesome too, of course, with similar options for expansion. Conan’s a bit older by the time of “The People of the Black Circle,” but Momoa looks the part enough, and he could have time to get more accustomed to the role.

One has to be cautious, though: Crossplains Pilgrim notes that the film has gone through multiple revisions since the draft he read, so there could be still more changes. We all know how the Hollywood system can mangle and ruin a promising script with executive meddling and demographic hounds: just look at Dune. Even Charles Edward Pogue’s Kull the Conqueror was light years ahead in its original iteration before Daughter of De Laurentiis got her harridan claws on the film.

Still, even considering that there are going to be changes – and that I may not agree with them – the fact remains that this could be an adaptation of a Robert E. Howard story. This is miles better than making up yet another “original” story while some of the best Sword-and-Sorcery yarns are lying right there to be made into a thrilling Sword-and-Sorcery movie that would blow 80% of the existing S&S films out of the sky. No more generic mishmashes like Conan the Destroyer, no more dull escapades like Conan the Adventurer: finally, Robert E. Howard’s stories, characters and world are making their way to the big screen. It’s the best news I’ve heard about this whole project.

Now, as long as they don’t make too many references to Conan: The Wrath of Zym

UPDATE: Crossplains Pilgrim has kindly elaborated on some of the questions:

The Blackman/McCain script for a Conan sequel is a very different animal from “SK.’ It is a full-bore action film designed to entertain a wide audience (by that I mean young). The tone is much lighter without getting as shallow and cheesy as so much of the competition. As I said, this script respects Howard and the genre. Don’t get me wrong. This is an R-rated approach with buckets of mayhem and a more modest amount of debauchery. What sets it apart ( as I said in my original post), this Blackman/McCain script is an adaptation of a single Howard story. One of his most highly regarded stories (of course, most of them were highly regarded). The authors have added scenes and characters that were not a part of REH’s original tale. And there is one extended scene that is strongly reminiscent of another Howard yarn. The best way to describe the changes is to say they have covered all the original bases but have extended the playing field. What this film has in abundance (that I think the early O/S draft lacked) is a clever, engaging plot (partly due to Howard, of course) laced with some real wit and style. And please, if you Millennium guys are actually reading this, I was talking about that very early D/O script. Who knows the state of the script now? It could be a cinematic masterpiece. Please don’t send that guy Vito back to explain things to me.

As far as Hollywood tinkering with this script if it is selected, I would hope not. I don’t see the need even for the good folks at Millennium to mess around with this one. It delivers what a profit minded producer should devoutly desire. The authors have cleverly (IMO) crafted a film that mainstream audiences will enjoy, but unlike Donnelly and Oppenheimer, Blackman and McCain had the advantage of a real Conan yarn to work with and they have taken full advantage of it. The authors have labored to keep most of Howard’s plot elements and characters in tact. That has never happened before. One can quibble over how close their approach is to Howard’s. This being the REH Forum, we most assuredly will. Ad infinitum. My personal opinion is the authors are very close. Closer than any script we have seen. Evah.

I did not mention another strength (at least for me) of this script. The bad guys are very Howardian. Tough as steel, self-seeking, remorseless, and no cowards in the clutch. They all meet their fates straight up without whimpering. Well, all but one, and that is understandable, considering the manner of the character’s departure. The main villain is not a megalomaniacal, paranoid nut-case with delusions of grandeur, but is actually given some mitigating motivation for the villain’s actions and some cruelly witty lines to enhance the character’s venality. The actor who gets this part will relish it.

Of course, unless one is a high priest conducting unspeakable rituals in some shadow haunted temple in darkest Stygia, one can not know the future. But now I am truly hoping Mr. Nispel’s film will do well enough for this script to see the light of a silver screen.

And Thoth-Amon is nowhere to be seen.*

More excellent news. Though the old adage “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” is echoing around me, and there’s every likelihood that Lionsgate/Millennium have found some way to muck it all up, I can’t help but start to feel a tiny measure of… hope. What a strange feeling it is!

*I had asked earlier in the thread if the “secondary villain” he alludes to was Thoth-Amon, Conan’s arch-nemesis in the comics and pastiches. I’m almost disappointed to see his absence, but then, Conan never actually met Thoth-Amon in the original Howard stories: he was clearly a mover and shaker in the Hyborian Age, being important to the plot of three stories (“The Phoenix on the Sword,” “The God in the Bowl” and The Hour of the Dragon respectively) but the comics and pastiches went way overboard in their attempt to make him a nemesis. It was a nice idea, but Thoth-Amon constantly failing started to get rather Skeletor-esque.

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  • Antmanx

    I’m for it. Lets get this one out first though. Hopefully it’ll be awesome and do big business. When is the damn trailer coming out?

  • Dina

    YES! good news indeed! I actually would have no problem with the writers changing the story a little bit. A movie script is much different after all. and Momoa should be bulking up more as he/conan grows older.


    This is promising news indeed. I was hoping the first film would be an “introduction” piece, setting a foundation for what could be a path to REH legacy. Lets hope they pull it off.

  • Hobie

    Good news!

  • mario geraci

    holy shit .i’ll keep my fingers crossed

  • Steve Dilks

    I think if they were going to adapt “Black colossus” it would work great on the silver screen. Howard’s story, while perhaps not one of the strongest in the Conan series, reads very cinematic and leaves enough room to build set pieces and characters. Imagine “The mummy” crossed with an historical epic. In all honesty I don’t see either “Queen of the black coast” or “A wich shall be born” being contenders. Not only because of the clashing references to the Milius film but because both stories would need extensive reworking in order to hammer out a viable enough length movie. The first story works great as a short story but would loose some impact with too much padding. The main premise that “QotBC” is built on could not viabley sustain a whole movie. The second has Conan off stage for a lot of the action and despite some good scenes has a somewhat weak main story line and ending. “People of the Black circle” is a great story and one of my faves but as a movie I’m thinking a little ambitious at this stage. I get the feeling that “Black colossus” while not only being an excellent choice has already made it onto the screen before albeit in different movies that cobbled together could tell the story. In short they KNOW how to make “Black colossus” and can use existing references from similar (and successful) movies that have already done the rounds.
    Of course it all depends on how Marcus Nispel delivers this time round…

  • Fayric

    Ha, this is great. Im still waiting for Tim burtons sequel to his planet of the apes to explain what the h”’ me did with the first one. Just saying;)

  • Rabensblut

    Crom, you know I never prayed to you. I do not know who did pray to you because this is maybe a god’s miracle what is going on and finally we can see a Howard story (not only character) on screen.

  • Miguel Martins

    Al it was Howard McCain (and not Blackman) who mentioned that the script co-written with Dirk Blackman was based on…

    “A Witch Shall Be Born” and “People of the Black Circle.”

    No “Black Colossus.”

    As for the source:

    McCain talked of his screenplay during an interview to Première (a French movie magazine and website) in March 2009. I did an English translation for the REH forum; here’s a link to the interview (en Français): http://www.premiere.fr/Cinema/News-Cinema/Premieres-infos-exclusives-sur-le-prochain-Conan-/%28gid%29/1560360
    And here’s a link to my post with its transcription in English: http://www.conan.com/invboard/index.php?showtopic=4598&st=1400&p=116755&#entry116755

    “Notre inspiration principale ce sont deux histoires cultissimes de Robert Howard, A Witch Shall Be Born et People of the Black Circle”.

    En Anglais:
    “Our main inspiration were two cult stories by Robert Howard, A Witch Shall Be Born and People of the Black Circle.”

    Hope that helps. B)

  • Steve Dilks

    “Conan 2-the sequel”-Update exclusive!: After a rewrite of the original draft Millenium have decided to go with a script originally inended for “Beastmater 4″ which they feel has more in common with todays more intuitive audiences than some mouldering old pulp story your grandad might get off on. Conan will be a cross between a moody sensitive emo teenager and a secret agent Jesus figure. The cast will comprise of some of todays hottest smouldering hand cream models and (thats enough leaked information -by order of the sacred scrolls of Paradox).

  • Rabensblut

    Yeah nice joke Steve, but April was half a year ago…

  • Rabensblut

    I hope it was a joke…

  • Hobie

    Okay, things are slow around here so I thought I would bring up something regarding Momoa and another movie.
    There’s a certain reboot starting to get momentum. They haven’t cast a leading man yet because the role is hard to fit.
    Square jaw and well over 6 feet in height.
    The role?

    Now before you balk I suggest you picture Momoa with the Superman hair-do and imagine too how well he would fill out the suit now that he’s added muscle. Then remember he’s a decent enough actor to pull it off. If that still doesn’t warm you to the idea of him playing Superman, just peruse the web. Some of the people being tossed around as potentials for the role are downright BAD.

    So what do you all think?

  • Antmanx

    I think that Momoa has plenty of Super Hero qualities about him but Superman he is not. Even though Momoa grew up in the mid-west he does have a rather exotic look because of his ethnic background. He’s good looking but has a definitely “roughness” about him with his scarred up face and mannerisms. Superman has to be pristine looking, he’s never been permanently damaged by anything. Also to put it bluntly, Superman is the whitest, white superhero around. Momoa is dark skinned and exotic. He’d be a kickass Namor. Just my take on it.

  • Steve Dilks

    Hobie: Jason Momoa has his hands full playing barbarian warriors adapted from books at the moment. The televized adaption of George R.R. Martin’s “Game of thrones” looks set to be a winner judging by the buzz surrounding it and I wager Momoa will be good in that. I agree with Antmax. Superman he is not. Can you really see him as Clark Kent? No one who plays Conan should be in the running to play the last son of Krypton to be honest. Unless you think Christopher Reeve would have made a good Conan that is.

  • Steve Dilks

    Hey Hobie; How about Arnie as Supes?! How about he do a comedic turn as Clark Kent like he did in that masterpiece of slapstick entertainment- “Twins”? Imagine how hunky he would look in skin tight blue lycra.Imagine his gargantanuan laughter filling the cinema as he stands hand on hips whilst gangsters vainly try to shoot him with holes full of lead! This is all too much excitement. Excuse we whle I dissapear with a box full of tissues to watch the underrated classic that is “Jingle all the way”.

  • Hobie

    I think they could possibly lighten up Momoa’s look for Supes. But it’s just a thought. Too bad too. Have you looked at some of the people they’re considering? Yikes!

  • Antmanx

    The latest rumor I heard was Jon Hamm from Mad Men, I think he would actually be quite a good fit.

  • Hobie

    Yeah. But the problem is, John Hamm is the best, even though he’s likely too old to play Supes in a reboot contect. Momoa has age and size on his side, even though I can see where he looks a little too un-boy scoutish.

  • Hobie

    That was supposed to be “context”.

  • AntmanX

    Well I don’t think it will be a re-boot per se since DC/WB no longer has the film rights to show Superman’s origin, I think if they do another Superman move it will be with an older, established Superman. Probably just a stand alone story, hopefully borrowing from Peace on Earth and Superman for all seasons. Anyways, back to Conan. I wanna see a damn trailer already. When is this thing supposed to be released? Can we at least get a teaser poster with Momo on it? C’mon studio let’s promote this bad boy! Don’t want another Solomon Kane fiasco.

  • Steve Dilks

    Superman should be a Pixar animated movie. It would work well I think. I loved the Max Fleischer cartoons from the ’40s. They should go back too that type of style for Supes. Lots of mad scientists with giant killer robots levelling cities, Supes smashing up atomic destructors with his fists before sweeping up Lois and saving her from falling into a bubbling lava pit. The new Supes as portrayed on t.v. especially seems rather dull.

  • Finn

    I’m all for Momoa as superman. Then he’ll be too busy for a conan sequel.

  • Ralph Damiani

    You guys have to be kidding! Momoa as Superman?? Seriously?
    John Hamm is the best option around, he’d be a fine Alex Ross/golden age Superman. We’ve had plenty of Superboys already, even if Momoa even remotely resembled Superman, muscles aside. If the idea of a mature Superman is too unappealing to a younger audience, then just keep Brandon Routh. He was just fine in Returns and has potential for much more in a better project under a different direction.

  • Ralph Damiani
  • mario geraci

    I actually can’t believe I m gonna say on looks alone I’d prefer to see Momoa as a possible superman than brandon routh!! On looks I thought routh was too nice looking too pretty and pale a superman,. Momoa has harder or at least exaggerated facial features and looks like he stepped out of a comic book, with his freakin oversized jaw and that brow!He doesnt look like schwarzenegger but there similar in that aspect.but ralph is correct jon hamm would have been the ideal choice( read on comic book movie that these were all rumors, unfortunately) Lets see how Momoa does as conan before we cast him as other famous characters. and grow a mane on christpher reev and rip up his physique, and I could be convinced of him being a conan too. not my ideal choice but i could see it.

  • Fayric

    Momoa as Namor sounds great! good call Antmanx. (by the way, I would really like a movie with the submariner in it, but they better hurry, because I heard the Avatar sequel is going to be set in the great oceans, and that will probably be just the way a submariner movie should be, minus Namor)

  • mario geraci

    another good call. he would make a good submariner.and though I’m not thrilled with the next set of marvel movies aside thor, i really think they nailed the casting with this kid they got for spiderman, he looks just like peter parker did . i hope they dont bulk him up too much either keep him lean and wiry. I really only liked the first one, second was eh, and the third well…

  • Taran

    Chuck Pogue’s eternal whining never convinced me, mainly because every movie he scripted except “The Fly” was apparently ruined by evil directors/producers. His cavalier approach to the “Kull the Conqueror” script, while sounding better than the final product, had a blatant disregard for Howard that makes me patently unsympathetic.

  • Steve Dilks

    I found the above post a bit random but it does drag us back from even more random ramblings about second rate superheroes (Namor?Jeez…) and onto Conan. I guess a good link from that would be to say that well, yeah, I guess the new Conan script could under go extensive rewrites and be a pile of turd. But the difference is that thanks to blogs like this the Conan fans are connected, aware and ultimately DO have a say in how the producers approach the material. They can’t afford to ignore us. Back when the aforementioned Kull was in production I didn’t have a clue let alone that it was based on a salvaged Conan screenplay best left on the scrap heap.

  • Rabensblut

    Anyway, If we compare the story “By this axe I rule” and “Phoenix on the sword” the later is rewritten first one, so Conan screenplay can be easily rewritten as Kull.

  • niono

    i belive that the visual of this conan is based on Conan the weight of the crown, Momoa is just like his, not too muscular but in shape, with the scotland skirt, and the visual.
    is in portuguese but you can see the images

  • Hobie

    Why would anyone have to sign up, login or download anything to view whatever you posted niono? That’s how viruses are transmitted.

  • Kortoso

    Yeah, that lit up my virus protection SW. Thanks a lot “niono”. :(

  • niono

    hey i do not want to transmit any kind of virus to anyone of the site
    my computer did not get any virus in the file
    i’m had commented on this site in the past.
    if you don’t want to see that, good for you.

  • niono

    and if you don’t have any kind of protection you are fools

  • http://www.myspace.com/hordemetal Tim

    Just curious if anybody has seen the Solomon Kane movie yet?

  • Steve Dilks

    Tim: Been putting off watching it. In the U.K. its out here on dvd so I’m waiting until it goes down in price. I guess it will be worth watching for James Purefoy who I felt was an excellent Mark Anthony in “Rome”. As a Howard movie thiugh well…lets just say I read the novelization.

  • Finn

    I saw it. Not bad at all, definitely worth watching. Very different from the character in the stories

  • Rabensblut

    …as a good movie great…as Howard adaptation, so-so, I rather read the novels as well. Hope number 2 will be more Howard just as Conan 😉

  • Antmanx

    I loved it. The director and star have a great respect for Howard. The producers wanted an origin that doesn’t “really” exist for Kane. If you look at it as “Solomon Kane Begins” you’ll like it. It was clearly Howard’s world. By the end of the film Kane is Kane from the books. I really dug it. Now if they would just officially release it in the states that would be great!

  • Steve Dilks

    Does anyone else think that instead of “Centurion” (which admittedly I have yet to see) the director should have made “worms of the earth” instead? I would love to see less fantasy schmuck on screen that they try to pass as Howard and more of that brooding atmosphere quality he painted so often in his stories. I highly recommend his historical fiction as colllected in “Sowers of the thunder” and/or “Lord of Samarcand” if you haven’t read ’em. Some of these would make great Ridley Scott movies.
    I am preparing myself a day at a time before I finally sit down and watch “Solomon Kane”…

  • mario geraci

    I was just thinking about the one thing(aside the camp value) of conan the destroyer i did like, the creature design ( not use ,mind you) and concept of dagoth the dreaming god and monster . like some kind of weird dionysian/lovecraftian horror and if it would have been executed better( none of this pull the horn shit, a real blood and guts fight)a neat little conceptand couldve beena formidable foe for conan( a total cop out with the horn thing though). and i did like the design and this nameless thing that it became. any thoughts on dagoth? It’s a stretch but give it a thought before dismissing it.

  • Steve Dilks

    Mario: I see what you mean. It doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to convert Dagoth-the dreaming god to Lovecraft’s very own Dagon.

  • mario geraci

    Its really not a bad concept.I just hate the way it was done.carlo lombardi designed it , I’d love to have picked his brain and get an idea of what he was thinking of . now that dumb rubbersuit toth amon /thak wrestler that tossed arnie around like a bag of potatoes ( and poorly) that should’ve just been cut period.does anyone know what specific stories were touched upon or can be spotted in conan the destroyer( used poorly I might add)?I noticed we always spot the howard/decamp influences in barbarian( however they were used) If theyre there theyre very vaguely used.

  • Steve Dilks

    Mario; Interestingly most of the screenplay was built (loosely) on an old Roy Thomas comic where Conan sets out to revive his dead love Belit. The Howard stuff is seriously diluted if non-existant in “Destroyer” apart from a few names- Taramis (should have been Salome since she was Taramis’ evil sister in “A witch shall be born”) and Toth-Amon (groan!).Of course that awful wrestling match with Pat Roach in a moth eaten ape suit is lifted from Ed Wood’s…sorry, REH’s “Rogues in the house”. Most, if not all of “Destroyer”, is a badly hashed up cinema treatment of the comic though. Zula(Grace Jones),for instance, was a male Kushite companion of Conan in the ’70S comic. I recall that De Laurentiis was making “Dune” at the same time in the same desert of Mexico just over the hill. Considering the size of the budget on that its not suprising “Destroyer” was so bad. Looking back I’m actually amazed it was not worse. All things considered, though I can’t bear to watch it now, it is still better than “Red Sonja” and “Kull the Conqueror”.
    “Maybe they want to capture us…and torture us to death.”

  • mario geraci

    I can watch it and even enjoy it as a guilty pleasure, like watching adam west’s batman. used to watch it as a kid and loved it. as a teen read the comics saw the burton flicks and hated it, got alittle older and realized i was being a silly teen and appreciated it for what it was a comedy.I even believe that the george clooney movie was a remake of that show, but just misses the joke. At least conan the destroyer it has some personality, I cannot for the life of me say that about Kull or red sonja. I am starting to get more and more curious about this Kull reboot though.

  • Finn

    I like just about every scene and character in Conan the Destroyer. The fight in the beginning, the cannibals, the smoke dragon, the ice fortress, the ape guy with the mirrors, the battle against the queen’s guards where bombata attacks, the wizard battle in the temple, holding the gate open, the drunken conan scene, bending the bars to sneak into the palace, and on and on and on. It’s all classic masterpiece cinema to me, even though it doesn’t incorporate too much REH source material.

  • Steve Dilks

    Finn: I hope you were writing that with a big camp grin on your face! There are some good sword battles in “Destroyer” though, you’re right. They are faster and better choreographed than in “barbarian” for sure but there is a sense of realism in the first to the sword fights while in the second Conan seems more Indiana Jones with his own soaring theme tune when he leaps into action. He’s something of a Hyborian celebrity too with just about everyone knowing who he is. It’s cheesey fun.
    I think the head band should make a cameo in the new movie. The petition starts here,folks.

  • mario geraci

    you think he’s gonna pick on a poor camel in this new flick?

  • Steve Dilks

    The camel and the headband. In the new movie. Now.

  • Antmanx

    I hear at the end of this one, right when Conan is about to finish Kalar Zym off he transforms into a gigantic ‘Camel Diety’ that Conan has to combat as pennance for his past sins against camels. Its going to be a huge, action set piece, It should be pretty epic.

  • Finn

    If this movie is going to have any credibility as a Conan movie at all, it has to have a Conan vs. camel scene. The only chance Momoa has to win me over is with his skillful camel punching.

  • mario geraci

    they should surprise us all and let the camel punch him back. and the camel should wear the headband.

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