Jason Momoa as Conan in action!

Now that the movie is fully shot and done, more and more scenes dribble into the public. Here now is a row of images, that were published by Julie Nicholls – she got them from a contact – a follower of the Conan Movie Blog Facebook page. Thanks a lot Julie for sharing those and not just staring at them in private. Much appreciated.

If you also have pictures like those and want to share them, with the rest of the Conan Movie community, just throw me a mail at webmaster – at – conanmovieblog.com. If any of you wants to become a regular contributor to the blog, your of course also welcome :)

Just click on them, to get a higher resolution version as usual.

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  • Adtje

    Looking cool…!

  • Antmanx68

    C’mon, That’s freakin Conan. FOOTAGE PLEASE!

  • http://www.myspace.com/hordemetal Tim (HORDE guitarist)

    So far I have liked what I have seen… photo wise. With Marcus Nispel’s movies it’s usually been the endings that are not good. Pathfinder comes to mind. Great beginning… bad ending. Friday the 13th it’s the fact that Jason hides the girl in his man cave for weeks. That is never explained. I’m hoping the script for this movie is better than those other movies. Mamoa looks close enough to what how I envision Conan so that part is over for me. I’m going to see it on the 1st day regardless.

  • Steve Dilks

    Yes Jason looks prety good there. No arguing with those abs and that chest. Even the skirt doesn’t manage to offend. He reminds me of my cool fully poseable Conan Marvel figure. Have a look on e-bay at Conan vs. Wraal in the toy/collectibles section to see what I mean.

  • Steve Dilks

    Waldgeist: I think you should go back and re-read the posts previous before ranting at me about something I did not even say. Read, think and assimilate before you write.

  • Steve Dilks

    Valhalla Ray: I notice Momoa’s sword looks uncannily like the one you are leaning on in those early production photos (I assume they CGI in the rest of the blade later as Waldgeist points out on conan.com they did on “300”). Any comments?

  • Fayric

    Yea,Momoa looks better here than most other pics we have seen so far. And it shows they have som walls and stuff built. I think this is good news indeed. That sword looks kind of big (exept for the cut of part), Im thinking shorter broad-swords for Conan, but then again, he can handle whatever he gets his hands on, and the over all loock is really good here. Certainly remind me of other Conan images Ive seen (but Im thinking DH, not marvel;)

  • http://www.ageofconan.com Waldgeist

    @Steve I skipped a line while answering. My post was directed at Ian, not you.

  • Steve Dilks

    Waldgeist: Ok sword-brother thanks for taking time out to clear that one up! I love Milius’ “Conan the barbarian” but always get a kick out of a good send up of it. I was more annoyed because you thought I did not like “Conan-the musical”. I loved it and thought it was edited together rather well. I fear your comments over at the other site are right about Conan’s sword and clothing. This does look more to me, as Fayric suggests, like Dark Horse comic-book interpretation than any other source I can think of. With that “look” in mind I might be able to have a more optimistic view of whats on offer here. Life is all about comprimise…

  • Steve Dilks

    Fayric: Regarding Milius’ involvement on “Rome”. You were very astute with your observations. Apparently he used great chunks of his “King Conan: Crown of Iron” screenplay in it because he felt some of it was “…too good to go to waste”. I certainly agree with that. As yet I have only seen the first three episodes and can’t wait to see the rest. I know “Spartacus: Blood and sand” will be less drama and more pulp bloodshed but I am looking forward to that too. A year’s wait for DVD release though? M: Don’t work too hard out there! Glad you got some overtime and a little extra cash coming in though. I was moved by your comments on how you came to discover Conan that I remember you mentioned only in passing some time ago. We all take what we need from life to deal with our grief and pain and sometimes the path is lonely and despairing. But once we have come out the other side we look back and though we found the going both hard and tough we would not have had it any other way. You have proved yourself a man of some great character and strength since I first came onto this blog and, (dare I say M!) I find you a rather likeable fellow. I am sure most others here agree. Your honesty and ability to talk openly and humanely is the stuff we are ultimately here for. It speaks of wild nights gathered round the campfires while the wolves howl in the winter darkness.

  • m

    sometimes i ramble a bit when im tired, but thank you sword brother, i’m humbled by your comments.That stuff was a long time ago, but I see how strongly Ian feels and i thought it would make a good point to relate, we all feel strongly and have a place in our black hearts for conan, by crom!.onto the action scenes: I think these pics look impressive,. is he fighting some sort of living statue,or a zombie?It reminds me a bit of dark horse, it reminds me of the ps3 game too.which was also probably influenced by dark horse. we seem to be getting alot of stuff out of nowhere( i commend you waldgeist for your consistency,it can’t be easy) perhaps july 24 at comic con we may even see a teaser trailer?

  • m

    and now i’m gonna have to rent some rome episodes, anyone know which ones in particular utilize king conan?

  • Steve Dilks

    M: Don’t have a clue which episodes, but from the script I can take a good guess at what scenes or even characters might pop up along the way. Back to “Conan”- I don’t think much of those acrobatic ghostly ghoulies but (sigh!) I guess theres going to be a tie-in game where you have to guess where the nasties are going to pop up from and you have to hack ’em with your sword. Hey! How about a wii version (groan!!).

  • Fayric

    Rome had a good air of high society plotting in a wast dreaming empire and at the same time following those two army grunts to give a low and dirty take on the roman empires every day life. In other movies its usually white marble and aristocrats all the way. I liked the second season best but the whole thing is just solid. Highly recomended.

  • Fayric

    compare the middle picture with this DH scene (from the frost giants daughter album)

  • Ian


    Dare i say it..Not to bad.yer he could be bigger but compared to them pictures first released which caused an uproar over the web.That frontal pose i can handle.
    If they are going to do a trilogy with momoa as conan i still hope they bulk him up more and like Finn says work more on the arms+legs and throw away that silly skirt. 😛
    I also didn’t know this but Conan from time to time does wear his sword over his back.
    Now with all the lighting effects and butality ect ect.Dare i say again this may turn out quite well.
    But me being me.I still wish they had Walds hair style which with that body would be amazing for a young Conan 😀
    Fay,Give me some time my friend and i will put it up here ,just working on a tattoo for my left leg of Red Sonja or a harlet from the Conan world.My first tattoo and last.
    Fay,it’s good to take criticism.I never used to but i love it now.When i am unsure of something i jsut take it to my poet friend John and he wipes the floor with me.If it wasn’t for him i would be as good as i am now.So you are ever reading this John.
    Thank you.
    And this is you to you all.You are all cool guys in my book.
    And like Wald says tex can cut deeper than it would so easily cast of face to face.
    And at the end of the day we are sheep of Conan in every way.!! 😛


  • Ian

    And yet again as will not be the last.
    Sorry for the spelling mistakes

  • Ian

    I also thought Stephen Lang said that he doesn’t think that Conan is going to Comic Con.
    So when a trailer will be released i cannot imagine considering it’s not due out till late next year.
    I am guessing that it will be maybe jan 2011,otherwise people will forget about it.The none conan followers i mean.
    Anyone know when such trailer teasers are usually released?

  • Scott

    Jason Momoa is too pretty and not big enough to be Conan. Guy is described in all Howard’s stories as tall (but not the tallest around), broader shouldered than almost anyone, and with an un-handsome face that women like for it’s ruggedness.

    Jason obviously spends time on his physique, but he’s not unusually big or fearsome looking. And he looks too much like he exfoliated this morning, and not enough like he grew up in the hills of Cimmeria.

    Does he even have blue eyes? Can’t tell

  • Finn

    Yeah, he is (or was) a model, that’s why he’s got a chest and abs and nothing else, that’s what male models focus on. No blue eyes, they will CGI them in later.

  • mike

    @Finn, the dude has an awesome physique, not just chest an abs. look at his delts and arms! i bet he has a good set of wheels to. to say he has “nothing else” is pretty silly…

    @scott, he is like 6,2-6,4 and with a build like his he probly weighs 225 give or take… he is a big guy, if you met a guy that tall with that physiuqe irl im pretty sure you would agree that he is big enough to play conan, its just hard to phathom his true size from photos, we will have to wait and see how well they capured his size on camera. they may have been better to go with a shorter guy since genrally shorter guys look more muscular, but we shall see. i think they chose well.

  • m

    i think i read he is 6’5″.Thats a good height for a conan in these times, arnold was what 6’1″?i think if he’s too tall, like basketball player or wrestler tall, it’ll look too easy for himI’m just wondering what that poor guy he’s hacking away at is, I am guessing he’s a sort of tribal voodoo guy.

  • Fayric

    Looks like hes fighting an unspecified tomb crawler, but his legs start smoking, so my guess is its some demonic minion summoned by an evil sorcerer, returned to his demonic realm in a puff of smoke (think I saw that in some old kung fu fantasy movie).
    Whats good is both the creature and the smoke is non CGI. This all look good to me, momoa is in good shape and face IMO, but having said “wait and see the end result” for a couple of months, I will not let these pictures fool me in to thinking everything is all right. For all we know this could be a silly slapstick scene played at double speed and with dancing dwarfs CGIed around Momoa. (and most of you know Im generally optimistic about this movie)

  • Steve Dilks

    Hey! Dancing dwarves? Great! That is one hell of a fart tribal voodoo man let off there…

  • K

    Looking at the guy Conan’s fighting in these shots, the first thing I thought of was the terracotta warriors from the third Mummy film. Could it be a living clay statue or something? Might explain the “smoke,” aye?

    And yes, Momoa’s looking good there. His chest and abs are impressive.

  • http://www.ralphdamiani.com Ralph Damiani

    Granted he does look bigger than in the previous images we’ve seen, what’s up with that skirt? Are they hiding his legs for some obscure reason?
    I’d go with leather pants for that.

  • Finn

    Mike, yeah maybe I said that wrong. He is definitely a big guy compared to an average man, even before he started training for this role. His delts and arms (and everything) have grown since then. But if you look, his chest is a whole lot bigger in comparison. He has an awesome physique, sure. But that is different from having the body to play Conan. Even if his chest was twice that size his arms would still be too small to pull off Conan.

  • Fayric

    Hey, Conan just follow local fashion, its not his fault some crazy living woodo statues has choosen skirts to be the main avilable garment; thats probably why the statue thing is so pissed, momoa just stole his skirt.

    Where do you think they are anyway? the walls has an arabian/oriental look (especially the portal). There is also a big stearing wheel from a boat, saying its probably a coastal town. Some city on the coast of Shem? Or is it closer to Vilayet?

  • Steve Dilks

    As long as its not the dreaded Zamoran pirates of the early draft. In the first shot do you think the mummy guy is holding the sacred scrolls of the Nu-Millenium chronicles. Possibly Conan is trying to stop him from the dreaded prophecy that this movie is going to be a pile of turd from coming to pass. But- too late! There goes Conan’s credibility in a huge puff of smoke. Last shot- “By Crom, Nispel can we start shooting the commercial now I’m bored of this caper, this skirt chaffs can I have some of that new wonder L’Oreal potion cream of Akiro’s ?” And so on…

  • m

    if anyone owns an xbox or ps3,try conan. on the grounds only thatthis looks eerily similar the third level of the game.

  • m

    except the terracotta zombie guy getting sliced here.

  • m

    Warrior! what are the conditioners and shampoos with aloes that werent tested on animals for? for a guurrrrl!

  • Steve Dilks

    Oil your hair and feed the horse, pilgrim.

  • Steve Dilks

    “Conan” – based on the fastest non selling computer game. On sale now at your nearest Wal-Mart. For those of you in the U.K. -head down to your local Tesco or Asda where you can pick up a DVD copy of the movie absolutely free of charge with the game while those suckers Stateside still have to wait for it to be released at the cinema.

  • Steve Dilks

    That wheel in the background is not, according to a reliable source, from a ship. Its actually the wheel of pain. Jason Momoa was trained on it to build up his dynamic physique. Not only did he strain all day pushing it round he was also lashed mercilessly with scented oils and chaffed somewhat sore by fresh lavender towels before being thrashed beyond endurance with comfy pillows in his relentless quest to become a Cimmerian L’Oreal/Garnier(tm) male model.

  • Calico
  • serg

    Hey!!! Whats up everybody??? How you’ve been guys??? Believe it or not I’m in Bulgaria :) In Varna with my GF who made me come here- god dammit I torn my hear on the hair over the date she had her vacation started- I got here 2/5 weeks before pre-production wrapped !!! Got some info from the natives :) not much but i will share when I go back to Ukraine! It’s july 25th-just after comiccon-when the real war of impression starts!!! didn’t have enough to read all the comments since I got here-unfortunately internet access is rare and expansive….
    And should I say how much I liked new pics of Momoa in action? :)
    Carry on, guys.
    …the thing I’m happy about is that filming is done and more & more stuff will leak to the web..

  • serg
  • http://www.ralphdamiani.com Ralph Damiani

    Good lord that new picture posted in the other blog is atrocious! Not only does it make obvious why they’re hiding his legs, but it’s also a very unflatterring choice of angle and pose. Shame on the photographer and the promoters who let it slip. Don’t even get me started on the amateurish Photoshop skills employed.

  • serg

    Shit!!! I mean hair on the head!!! too much wine

  • http://www.moremomoa.yolasite.com Julie Nicholls

    ive just found out that the pictures i sent to Conan Movie blog are now on IMDb and also Aceshowbiz.com – the problem with that is that someone has quoted that i am the photographer and was on set of the Conan film. I am NOT a photographer and i did not take these pictures. I acquired them and cannot take any credit for them. I only put them on my site and Conan Movie blog for other fans to see, i was not expecting to have my name plastered on these sites. If you know how Aceshobiz.com came to this assumption i would be grateful if you could assist in setting the record straight. I am not looking forward to being sued! And just for the record, i am not working and i dont have any money!
    Julie Nicholls, unemployed, living in Bulgaria, seriously worried!

  • m

    @steve:I think it may be the wheel of hurt feelings, in these politically sensitive times, the wheel of pain may offend someone. @julie; we have a little saying at work called c.y.a.(cover yo ass).I’m sure it could be worked out, don’t panic.

  • http://www.ralphdamiani.com Ralph Damiani

    You don’t need to worry Miss Nicholls, misinformation happens all the time in the internet. Should any parts feel damaged by this, I’m sure they would contact you promptly, instead of filing lawsuits against innocent fans. They know better than that. =)

  • Finn


  • Ian

    Can’t help think that Damn it must be uncomfortable,running around with all that weight around his waist!
    I know i’d be bloody roasting and want to throw it to nearest harlet
    “The skirt Moan” again:P

    Finn,I think everyone has uncovered they sinister plan too 😛
    Ray,I didn’t realise that picture was of you with sword in hand.
    I know your not going to tell of course but sod it,Did you come face to face with the northen panther? 😛
    And live to tell the tale around the campfire? 😀
    Impressive arms m8.There’s some work gone into them i bet!

    The last image and these are starting to convert me.
    I like them a lot.

  • http://www.ageofconan.com Waldgeist


    I set the record straight and changed the text, clearing up that you indeed did not take those shots, just acquired them from a contact. :)

    But don’t worry, there are now a couple of sources that spread their leaked set shots and none have been taken down, so I don’t think anyone will sue anyone over these few shots.

  • http://www.moremomoa.yolasite.com Julie Nicholls

    Thank you !!!!

    You wouldnt think that such a small thing would get so out of hand would you? I guess i understand how celeb’s get miffed off with being mis-quoted and stuff like that. I will however be a little more careful about the information i put out, i will make sure i put a disclaimer etc on the photo’s before i post them. That’s if i ever get anymore photo’s!!

  • Fayric

    @ Ralph. Yes that pic dont look good at all. Someone linked to it before, and I dont understand why they want to use that as a promotional picture (if it is indeed an official promo pic). Horrible. Just another big let down from the people that is running this project. If we are lucky they will present us with equally cheap pictures of other actors beside Mamoa at Comic con.

    Luckily we have Julie to not take photos and not beeing on the set, but still being able to get much better pics for us. Much appreciated!

  • Steve Dilks

    Fayric: According to Stephen Lang in that last interview they are not going to comic-con with this now. Perhaps they could not get a lot of the guys assembled at the same time due to other commitments or they just have not got the goods to impress. As for that garish photo shop pic- still not sure if it IS official or whether they just picked it up from wherever and think it is. Lets hope not.

  • Ray


    When I was on-set, Jason wasn’t in any of the scenes I was involved with, so I can’t be 100% positive if the sword he was using in that photo has exactly the same design as the one I was using. But yea…the swords do look nearly identical.

  • Fayric

    I remember lang saying that he didnt think they were going there, thats why I said “if we are lucky”, and I also thought some cheap promo pictures would not need for tham to actually be thare.
    Besides, Lang was obviously drunk when they talked to him; who knows what to expect;)

    @Serge: Good to hear from you, dont know if or when you read this, but I hope you find that production team and tell them a thing or two about making movies. Or better yet tell them to drop by here so we can all tell them. By Crom, what we could teach those “civilized” animators and soft handed makeup artists.

  • Donald

    I must say that I have been a pretty big critic of Momoa from the start but after seeing some of these more recent photo’s I must say that I am impressed! However for so many people to protest a bodybuilder type physique, I am surprised so many are in acceptance with him as well! He isn’t to far from the physique Arnold displayed in the original Conan movies! I am anxious to see how this all turns out and would love to see some of the supporting cast as well.

  • Finn

    so you are saying momoa isn’t too far from being 7 time Mr. Olympia

  • Ravensberger

    @ Serg: Nice to get a sign of life from you. I found hints in the www that the filmmakers used a ship for some scenes they shot on the Black Sea Coast, but I’m not sure about this because evidence is thin. Perhaps you can find informations about this carrack type vessel in a Bulgarian harbor during your holiday. Take a look at these links (type a dot for a *): www*ole-bg*com/news/166706*html and www*airgroup2000*com/forum/viewtopic*php?t=34566&start=225

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  • The Real Conan

    FUCKU YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://allfilmtrailers.com Sophiarosado

    Really, In this movie most of the scenes are dribble into the people….But,its so thriling and every scenes in the movie are memorable in the mind…Keep up the good work!!….


  • Richard

    This is awesome, thank you so much for the pictures!!! And thanks to Sophia for sharing this movie site!

  • Hojirozame

    Well, I know you all are psyched for this, but I have a feeling its going to flop. The story is nothing like Howard’s work, I think its worse then the backstory of Arnold’s Conan. The Cimmerians don’t just get wiped out, I think they’re down playing them badly. WHile he has the physique, I don’t know if I see Conan in Jason, and its not anything against Jason. It’s hard not to see Arnold as perfect COnan, and after reading all of REH’s Conan stories, Arnold really wasn’t Conan personality-wise. Conan is all about the square cut mane, iron thews, and smouldering blue eyes. Well, that’s just my two cents, REH work blew me away when I read it and I’d want to see his best creation done properly and dead on, which is very difficult.

  • chas.

    For pete’s what’s the release date?

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