Conan plot synopsis released!

Here we are, after years of waiting and struggle. The plot synopsis for the new Conan Movie has been leaked out into the public by dreadcentral. As we could suspect after this ridicolous casting call this is absolutely hilarous.

Enjoy!… Or.. do it like i do, cry. (Please excuse any typo, i was laughing and crying while i am writing this 😉 )

Amidst a raging sword battle on the icy fields of Cimmeria, a child is bom, cut out of his mother’s womb by his father, CORIN. With her last breath, she names him CONAN. The young boy quickly proves himselfan innate if impulsive warrior. The young warrior is inquisitive about the outside world, and while his father tries to shield him, in time the world comes to their doorstep.

KHALAR SINGH, a powerful warlord, arrives with his band of mercenaries, demanding not gold or steel, but one woman from each bloodline. The Cimmerians refuse and a massive battle ensues. Khalar Singh winning the day through the use of black magic. Corin, knowing the battle is lost, hides Conan, at the cost of his own life. Conan, wracked by the guilt ofa survivor, vows his revenge on Khalar and his warriors. When we meet Conan again, many years later, he’s grown into a powerful and experienced warrior.

His revenge is nearly complete as he traps one of the few of Khalar`s former warriors still left alive. LUCIUS. Before killing him, Conan discovers Khalar’s location in the distant Khauran. In a hidden oasis in the desert, Khalar finds TAMARA, the last of an ancient royal line, the one person he’s been searching for the past twenty years. Tamara, unknowing of her own identity, is told to flee by her mentor, FASSIR, even as Khalar’s forces enslave or massacre the oasis’ people. Tamara escapes, and a furious Khalar sends his men scouring the countryside for her. But her path crosses Coaan’s first, and instead of setting her free he decides to use her as bait to draw Khalar out from behind his protective shield of warriors. But the plan fails and Conan and Tamara must work together to escape, an escape which first reveals a great power building inside the frightened girl.

Conan ends up on a pirate ship that Tamara’s people have commissioned to take her far from Khalar‘s grasp. Conan team of Khalar’s plan: to revive the ancient and evil empire of Acheron by sacrificing the only living heir to its throne, Tamara. Simura explains that Khalar desires the power, which now grows inside Tamara, a power, if unleashed, would once again bring all mankind under Acheron’s bloody and brutal reign. The truth of her destiny has been hidden from Tamara, for her own good, but when the treacherous pirates try to turn her over to Khalar’s forces, even Conan’s brute force is little compared to the explosion of energy unwittingly released by Tamara. In the smoldering aftermath, only Conan and Tamara are left alive.

Conan tries parting ways with Tamara, intent on his own revenge but she asks him for help getting into Khalar’s forces to rescue her people. Like Conan, Tamara can bear no more blood on her hands. Conan finally relents and they make love, not knowing that Khalar is performing a ritual, sacrificing part of his soul to create a demon to help him kill Conan. Once inside the fortress. Conan kills the massive JAILER, and Tamara finds many of her people, including Fassir, still alive. Fassir reveals he’s a traitor, turning Tamara over to her enemy. Conan falls into Khalar`s trap, forced to battle the demon he summoned.THE SHADOW OF NERGAL. Conan survives, then forces Fassir’s acolyte, BAEL, to lead him to Acheron, where Tamara is to be sacrificed. The ghosts of the ancient ruins of Aeheron come alive as the last of the royal line, Tamara, is led up to the sacrificial altar. Conan arrives and starts cutting a swath through the soldiers that block his path to her, including his main revenge target, UKAFA. Conan finds Khalar to be a tough opponent. As Tamara is about to be killed, her eyes tum black and she fully assumes the form of Queen of Acheron, and unleashes her power. After Conan kills Khalar, Tamara begs him to kill her too. so the power within her won`t rise to shed more blood. Conan reluctantly agrees and plunges a spear into her chest. They share one last kiss as she dies in his arms.

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  • Adtje


    I’m Crying while i’m typing this.

    I guess we will never see an REH conan on the big screen.

  • Garrett


  • Waldgeist

    The bad thing is.. Even as a general movie/fantasy GEEK and fan I am absolutely not interested to see this on the big screen. It sounds like a bastard child of Kull and CtD pressed into the shape of a Pathfinder production value wise. I mean seriously, this plot synopsis is less intriguing than the Dungeon Siege Boll movie… who at least stole properly from other working fantasy stories. *yiaks*

  • Hobie

    No where in this trite, unimaginitive brief is there a hint of Conan’s character or personality. Sure, it’s not long, but do this.

    Take the exact story above, replace the name Conan with, say… Delliferu, change Cimmeria to Polectia, then cast Hulk Hogan to play Delliferu and viola! You have a straight to video movie.

    All I can say is I hope this gets rewritten at least three times before or during the shoot or, that this is a false leak and we’ve been hoodwinked.

  • Fayric

    This is actually better than I thought it would be a week back (saying something about last week;)

    Is this because they know many REH fans would call for blood if they messed up an actual REH story? (truly, even a near perfect adaptation would not escape the bitter and self assured scrutiny af a “true” Howard fan;)

    Anyway, its hard to se how this could ad up to a good Conan movie.
    Could miracolous acting/directing and costume save this?
    Probably not.
    Now, I can only look forward to “the great casting disapointment”, soon to be presented on this blog.

  • TwZtdJuGGalo

    This is beyond sad. You morons can’t even get the simple things right, icy fields of Cimmeria??!! And it goes down hill at breakneck speed from there. One thing about it, after this there will not be anymore attempts from the d-bags, because it will have EPIC FAIL written all over it. I just pray it bankrupts everyone involved.
    It reminds me of what Billy Wilder said of writers/directors: that they should be able to READ, not write.

  • Tunkar

    OK, this is too much. Shut down this blog, please.

  • kirgan

    I have no words

  • Tunkar

    Your work as a journalist is great, Waldgeist. The work of this people as screenwriters is AWFUL.

  • victor

    Robert E. Howard is spinning in his grave

  • MAXIMUS germanikus

    This movie will go straight to video, Avi Lerner, Nispel … wake up!

  • Pro

    And the last draft is even worse…

  • Storyman

    I am a big fan of Howard’s work. I have read almost all of his writings of Conan and Solomon Kane and I do realize that it is not deep nor mind bending material. It is fun action strewn stories with a lot of bite to them. His work is NOT trite or unimaginative. His characters and plots are well devised and perfect for their situations. Howard was great at what he did. I was really excited to hear that they were going to do a restart of Conan and have been watching this site and others closely. It all sounded so promising. Then it started going downhill and now has slid into the crap hole. Why they can’t make a Conan movie based on Howard’s stories I can not say but the word ‘stupid’ comes to mind.

  • Barbarian

    What the %$#@ is this some kind of sick joke cause its not funny your taking one the most epic characters every created and turned him into a smoldering pile of SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Movie_Fan

    This is going to be crap. I can´t believe there are so many stupid producers out there.


    Even a kid in elementary school could write script better than this shit.But more shocking fact to me is that those guys who made this stupid scenario are going to be paid serious money for their crime!

  • CN6

    I have to say that it looks better than I thought it would be. As it is, looks like a straight shoot adventure, with enough creatures and fantasy elements of some interest. What I mean is that it looks exactly like any of the histories I was used to find in SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN comic as I grew up. This is good and bad at the same time, of course its not HOWARD’s nor even the CONAN we were expecting to see, but doesn’t look too bad, to be honest. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that this plot has too many things that we already saw over and over again, its CONAN THE DESTROYER and KULL mixed in the same movie. Which is BAD, to say the least. What bothers me the most is that they had the chance to make something entirely new and fresh, but decided to bring the same old elements back, coming from movies that didn’t work in the first time, which is a really bad choice, IMO.

    To make this work, they’ll have to get EVERYTHING ELSE right, the cast, direction, art, photography, coreography, etc, and maybe it could turn out to be good. This movie must have to get a darker and gritty tone, an absolute realistic approach (as far fantasy movies go), and the right ammount of violence and gore, otherwise it will fail big time. If they decide to make it like a colorfull popcorn summer movie (think Scorpion King, for instance), it will be a disaster. If they can get it to look anything like SOLOMON KANE, I’ll be happy. Just to be clear, I haven’t see Solonon Kane yet, but the trailer looks absolutely fantastic.

    Anyway, I’m still a little scheptic, but… who knows?

  • Hobie

    Whatever happens, I’d like to see the following quick type of scene in the movie to demonstrate Conan’s character. Remember, he’s the ultimate fearless bad-ass. Scene: Conan’s on the ship mentioned above in the synopsis. He wakes up and is in a bad mood. He’s walking one way and passes a guy about his size. The guy says, “Ho mate”. Without even looking at him, as Conan passes him Conan puts his hand on the guys face and pushes hard, sending him sprawling. Conan keeps walking and the guy gets to his feet behind him and starts to draw his sword. Another crew member grabs the guys arm, stopping him from drawing and says, “Better rethink that friend. That’s Conan of Cimmeria.” Having heard the name returns his sword to its scabbard walks quickly the other way.

    This type of scene establishes a big part of who Conan is, so it needs to be done as early in the movie as possible. As fans we wouldn’t be suprised by this type of anti-hero barbarism (or rudenes) from Conan. But can you imagine people in the theatre who might be seeing Conan for the first time and haven’t read the books or comics? They wouldn’t instantly take notice that this is not your run of the mill fantasy character. This isn’t innocent Frodo. This isn’t cartoonish He-Man. This isn’t Harry Potter.

    Aw hell, Nispel, just conact me at I’ll treat your whole script.

  • Hobie

    EDIT for the above entry: Sentence near the end meant to read “They WOULD instantly take notice that this is not your run of the mill fantasy character.”

  • Ryan

    I cant understand how they can write something like this thats just the sword and sorcery formula. When there is so much good material to draw from. And i worry that Marcus will just make this one big horror fest. I dont really want to see Conan cut from his mother. No Conan orgins need to be told properly and with thought. I dont feel we need to rush in and heres Conan the Barbarian. Conan’s story needs to be built upon. Kinda like they did with Casino Royale and Batman Begins. Thats what I was hoping for anyway, what about you?

  • Waldgeist


    I agree with you on all points


    I would like to know what happened to Dirk Blackman’s script!

  • storyman

    Hobie, I agree with what you say in regards to Conan, his attitude and reputation and how it should be revealed. How he should be dealt with. Even if they failed to follow Howard’s material they could still translate the kind of character he is through deed and action.But still they require more than just a sword and sorcery script.
    In the beginning the producer promised that they intended to stick to Howard’s material and create Howard’s Conan but this is Hollywood. Apparently formula won out instead of Howard. They would have to have a better script to take this up another level and be true to Howard’s Conan.

  • Thomas

    hmmm I find the synopsis quite interesting. It seems to me they have already changed the character of Tamara. In the casting call she was a handmaiden to the queen of Archeron and it now seems that she is the queen. There might yet be some hope since it looks like they may be ditching the martial arts monastary women.

    I like the fact the story moves south. Most Conan stories take place in the south, I also like the pirates, Conan always associates with rouges of some sort or other(pirates may be road to sequal as well). I also like the violence in this. I really want this to be an R rated movie, some good realistic gore would be great.

    As CN6 said it does sound like a savage sword story line, not a bad thing but I am crushed that it goes into all this insanity about the Queen of Archeron… as far as I knew Archeron long gone to dust was an evil empire ruled by a cabal of insane sorcerors, who worshiped dieties(CCD mayhap). The whole notion of a living hier is ridicoulus. I think the whole revenge thread is a poor and unnecassary vehical for telling conans story. Do the battle/cut from the womb scene, its decent, and if shot and costumed right could work. Just dont have it be Khalar sings men, it could be some random battle. After the origin is explained cut right to adult conan adventuring in the south, and if really neeed be tell some of his back story through flash backs or something.

    Ryan you hit it right on the head a character like Conan, needs a slow burn to develope properly, I dont see why they are tackling so much in one movie when they have stated it would be a multi movie franchise. Keep the story simple and tell it will, no one wants to see poorly done epic battle against demon, high magic archeron queen crap.

  • Thomas

    Sorry bout the copious posts, I just feel I have to add that I think the main thing that this movie suffers from is being made by a major studio. Big budget productions of this sort are always stifled creatively by the people holding the purse strings. The result being that we see the same formula rehashed over and over, yes it works and yes enough people will see it so the studio makes their money. The problem is it leaves no room for risque or unique plot ideas that would make a cult classic. I dont know how much power Mr. Nispel has when it comes to plot, script etc.. but I think some big changes and some big risks are needed if this movie is going to become something. Most of all it really has to loose this standard format build up to the epic final battle scene. I am so so so tired of these types of movies, I have pretty much stopped going to theaters because everything is exactly the same predictable cookie cutter junk! Just insert place and char name into any sword and sorcery movie and you have them all. I think the R approach was a good start, open casting call is excellent. What it lacks is some good indepth knowledge of the Conan mythos, and a less epic but much more richly detailed plot. I would much rather enjoy a simple story about Conan stealing a necklace from a merchant in Sultanapur, than have this massive good vs evil plot crammed down my throat. the whole good vs evil thing being a bit contrary to the charatcter of Conan anyways, he was always much more in the grey area between black and white(I guess they try to adress this with revenge being his motive…). Anyways thanks for letting me get that out, Waldgeist great job on the blog, dont shut it down I like haveing someplace to spew all ideas. :)

  • Andrew


    ” Like Conan, Tamara can bear no more blood on her hands.”

    wtf? The “real” Conan revelled in blood. Overall I agree with the above comments, this appalling revenge plot, with its cod “Fu Man Chu” setting, robs Conan of his essential character. which is footloose, entirely selfish, mocking, unrepentantly violent, deeply life-affirming and gleefully subversive of civilised morality.

    This desperate-sounding film will lead to 20 more years of Conan being dismissed by the general public as camp, trite, childish, old-fashioned crap, not the brutal, unsettling, morally challenging world of REH, which was oddly grounded in a kind of realistic historical detail despite all the supernatural/exotic elements.

  • Kike

    This sinopsis is from the earlier draft. The casting call is the actual thing.

    So, Thomas: Tamara WAS the queen and IS NOW a handmaiden. Conan WAS alone and NOW he have and absurd sidekick.

    Actually, the movie they are making right now is even worse than the story from this synopsis.

  • Ryan

    Perhaps I can draw parallels between us and Conan. Imagine Conan standing high above the landscape surveying the ongoing hills. He yearns to experience life beyond those hills. And we yearn to experience REH’s Conan not Hollywoods written on the back of a napkin experience. The really good movies not only entertain you but they make feel something afterwards. Thats what I would have liked to feel the adventure, to feel like i have somekind of understanding of who Conan is. In a very real and realistic way. I guess I want the movie to make me want to live in Conan’s world.

  • Thomas

    Auughh! thanks for clearing that up for me Kike, and here I thought the movie was improving hahaha well so much for my slender hopes.

  • Yakinthos Sekeris

    Seriously , why dont WE all write a draft of a new script and submit it to Paradox?…

    I am pretty sure that every single one of us will do a lot better work than this crap!!!!

  • GP

    in 2 days you have one coment that is not an attack, this is the oldest and most beloved of all sword and sorcery characters. There are plenty of great Conan stories, hundreds of good ones, and even more decent ones.
    Instead you have chosen to butcher the backstory again, REH only ever said that Conan was born on a battlefield. Since the 1930s people have paid money to read Conan in one form or another, when marvel got the franchise the first thing they did was revisit REHs stories and they were great, even the Decamp and later writers stories had the comon decency to not mess with the character. After all Conan has been around for 70 years based on the merrits of Arnold Swartzeneger right, couldn’t possibly be that the character was writen well by his creator. the first Conan movie should be a warning to others. Hollywood is a town full of people who believe in themselves when that belief is foundless.if they could really write they would not allow their work to be sent to hollywood before it was published somewhere respectable.

  • Fayric

    Ha, this movie is becoming the one great enemy everyone can join up an bash. Before the character outline was revealed basicly everything exept the genuine REH text was put down. Now even the Decamp and Marvel Conan is considered decent!

  • Berkley

    The Conan stories are true horror stories. Stark, living fear as steven king was quoted about the stories. The stories create that true sense of fear in the reader’s head. This synopsis shows no fear, just as the 80’s film had none. This is utter crap.
    Its tough to watch other characters from comics and literature get faithful adaptations ( Batman, Ironman, lord of the rings, etc) and we REH fans are left with this mess. The story is terrible, casting is terrible and I am sure the rest will be terrible. Where is a good axe to swipe their heads!? Crom!!

  • Aquaman

    Wow! A heaping pile of sh#t! I hate to say it but I won’t be seeing this garbage.

  • Caboose


  • Silver Fang

    I grew up with the 80s Conan films, but only liked the first one. I’ve read some of Howard’s original books and definitely agree that this script doesn’t sound like them. It seems to be more about the girl than about Conan. Can you say Mary Sue?

    The sad thing is, I don’t think Howard’s bad-ass barbarian Conan will ever be put on film because the big studios want to be “famblee frendlee” and politically correct, which means dumbing everything down and cutting out the violence, sex and swearing so Mommy and Daddy can bring the kiddies to see good, heroic Conan wielding his sword to save the princess.


    The saddest thing about this and all the butchery of excellent now older films with terrible new remakes is that they actually appeal to the younger generation to whom it’s all new- and they get the perverted idea that Abram’s Star Trek is not utter crap, and Steve Martin’s Pink Panther is not a travisty and so on. Remakes and ‘re-tellings’ are so rarely good- mainly only when the original could stand a deal of improvement because it was made on the cheap, etc. I could count on one hand the truly superior remakes of the last 30 years. I have a horrible feeling this brutal ‘Conanesque’ (I can’t even bring myself to refer to it a a real Conan movie) offering will be just loved by the young and ignorant who simply don’t know any better…

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